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XIAMEN STONE CONSULTING CO., LTD.has been established by a professional stone team aiming to help worldwide stone and construction companies to find stone solutions in China. The services we provide include:

* Stone procurement and production throughout China and the export of finished products worldwide;

* Order follow up and inspections on behalf of the client both pre production and regular inspection during the production phase;

* Provision the latest stone information regarding availability, suitability for suggested use and advice on manufacturer's capabilities.

China is a world base for manufacture. In the Stone Industry China is not only one of the world's largest stone product producing countries, it is also one of the largest stone importers and exporters. In China, buyers are not only able to purchase Chinese stone, but also a range of stone from throughout the world. Currently in China, there are more than 100,000 stone manufacturers. The distribution network extends North, South, East and West stone 5,000 kilometers. The vast majority do not have the ability to export directly and use English to communicate with foreign clients.

Hence, these companies cannot fully understand the requirements of stone quality raised by customers and it brings huge difficulty in organizing the source of goods for overseas customers. One of our services is to source suitable manufacturers for differing orders dependent on the client's needs. We will act as a bridge between local suppliers and overseas customers in order to reduce the customers purchasing costs and procurement risks.

We aim to assist small and large scale overseas customers in the procurement and development of new materials, new technology and poroduct finish that may not be available outside China.

We provide Value engineering with stone selection as well as understanding fabrication techniques that can be used to reduce the overall cost of the project. Most importantly, Xiamen Stone Consulting can provide takeoffs as well as double check takeoffs provided by the buyer to insure that the materials are bought accurately and correctly.